How your rent is calculated

Affordable Housing

For Affordable Housing properties, rent is set as a discount of the market rent price – usually at 20–25 per cent of the price of similar properties in the area. Ideally the rent price is no more than 30 per cent of the gross household income.

In this case, Link Wentworth assesses each applicant’s individual circumstances according to the NSW Affordable Housing Ministerial Guidelines.

Social Housing

For Social Housing properties, eligible tenants can apply for a rental subsidy. A rental subsidy means that you only pay a percentage of your household’s income in rent. The percentage is from 25 percent.

You need to apply for a rental subsidy. If you are approved for a rental subsidy, you will pay less than the market rent for your home.

The rental subsidy you will receive is based on:

This application is called ‘rent review’. It is important that you complete it on time, so your rental subsidy is not affected. If you return the forms late, you may be charged the full market rent.

Link Wentworth will conduct rent reviews every six months. The purpose of the review is to make sure you are paying the correct amount of rent and update any changes to your household income.

If your circumstances change, for example someone moves in or out of your home, you start a new job, or leave your job, you must contact us and return an ‘Application for a Rental Subsidy’ form, along with documentation supporting the changes, so that we can reassess your rental subsidy based on your new household income and you don’t fall behind in rent.

How your water charges are calculated

As well as rent, you may need to pay Link Wentworth for the water you use.

Your water charge is calculated as follows:

If you are unsure what your water rate is, please contact your Tenancy Manager.

For some other tenants, your water charge is calculated as follows:

If your home has its own water metre, you simply pay for the water you use, and are billed four times a year. 

If your home shares a water metre with other properties, you pay based on the total number of people in your household. Link Wentworth calculates your water payment every quarter, and you have 21 days to make a payment.

Other things you need to pay

You are responsible for the cost of connection and use of electricity and gas. Any faults with wiring/gas pipes or the meter are Link Wentworth’s responsibility.

You are responsible for insuring your own possessions against fire, theft or other damage.

You are responsible for the cost of repairing damage around your property that you have caused, or damage that has resulted from not maintaining your property. Click here for more about repairs and maintenance.

If you need help understanding your rent, please see our Fact sheet.

How to pay / managing your payments

At the beginning of your tenancy, Link Wentworth will have given you a tenant reference number. Please quote this number when making any tenancy-related payment

Pay through Centrepay

This free service is the easiest way to pay if you currently receive a Centrelink payment.

Centrepay is a voluntary bill-paying service which is free for Centrelink customers. Use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.

You can start or change a deduction at any time. The quickest way to do it is through your Centrelink account online.

Centrepay takes out your rent or water amount directly from your Centrelink benefits, so you won’t need to make payments manually. Most of Link Wentworth’s tenants use this method.

If you’d like to set up Centrepay, please contact your Tenancy Manager.

Pay with Post-BillPay using your rent card

This free service is the easiest way to pay if you are not using Centrepay.

Using this service, you can pay your rent, water and other tenancy-related charges:

Please note the option of Post-BillPay is currently only available to Chatswood Hub tenants. For more information about Post-BillPay and the Link Wentworth rent card, download the Rent Card Fact Sheet.

Affordable Housing payment options

If you are an Affordable Housing tenant, there are two ways in which you can make your payments.

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  2. Over the counter payment at our Chatswood or West Ryde offices only.

Falling behind or unable to pay your rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent and bills, please contact your Tenancy Manager. We will work with you to see if we can find a solution.

Your Tenancy Manager can help you by:

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help, please call us using the call buttons at the top of this page or email [email protected].

From 1 August 2022, when you call Link Wentworth you may be asked a series of security questions to confirm your identity. We value your privacy and want to make sure that we are only sharing information with the right person.